Quarantine: Time To Gain

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COVID-19, Coronavirus

Due to the prevailing situation created by COVID-19 pandemic almost whole world is under lockdown and most of us are under quarantine. The affects of this pandemic are vast both humanely and economically,right from small businesses,markets, educational institutions literally every aspect of life is paralyzed. Since the world is now in a desperate need of a vaccine and pharmaceutical companies and research institutions are working on development of a potent vaccine and hopefully in next 18 months we may have a vaccine against this deadly coronavirus or development of any therapeutic treatment before a vaccine can put a halt on rate of deaths.

Additionally, the effects of this pandemic on mental health and overall daily life should not be neglected they are very significant given the amount of panic and anxiety it has created and it is important to give extra care to ourselves and our loved ones.Now what we need to do is to focus on our mental health and on our career too. These are toughest times in human history and I take it as an opportunity to give some suggestions how to deal with this pandemic and make our isolation and precious time productive that benefits both our mental health and help increase our knowledge to some extent.

1.Don’t Panic!

First and foremost we should not panic by this pandemic, you might be worrying at the enormous increase in global infections and number of deaths it has caused. Here are some tips to overcome this;

  • First you should firmly believe that nothing is going to happen to you only if it is preordained,so don’t worry and feel happy.
  • Limit the time surfing about news related to this pandemic,you can set a time in a day to have a glance at.
  • Don’t believe rumours and fake news!
  • Get yourself busy with indoor activities like reading books and playing games.

2.Read, Read and Read!

I believe reading books is a meal in these times, try to gather as much knowledge you can and make isolation time productive. When you busy yourself with reading you not only distance yourself significantly from getting back into searching about this pandemic but contribute to your intrapersonal development.

3.Prioritize Your Emotional and Mental Health

The times we are witnessing has a huge impact on mental health especially on persons who are already suffering from mental health issues like people in conflicted regions, refugees and economically weaker sections of society. So it is our duty to look after ourselves and also to people in desperate need of any kind of assistance be it financial or in any other form. Let’s pledge to make it happen.

4.Learn Some Life Lessons!

All of us should consider this pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on ourselves as to what we have achieved in our past years and after going through introspection we should try to fill out the voids left where ever we think are. These can be as simple as not talking with somebody over an argument in the past. In these tough times everyone wants to be with family and friends to relax and support them emotionally but unfortunately people who are infected they can’t do the same,even on their death no one from friends or family is allowed to attend funerals fearing risk of getting infected. So we can learn some lessons from here;

  • Spend adequate time with family and friends.
  • Resolve disputes and enhance caring for one another.
  • Make judicious use of time.
  • Don’t disappoint anyone.
  • Be prepared to deal with any kind of situation.

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Palestine 2.0 In The Making;

Palestinian boy showing victory sign to Occupational forces.

You all are aware of the yet another undemocratic and heinous act against the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the form of new Domicile Law that is most of us believe the corner stone for making Kashmir Palestine of Asia, there should be no doubt about it. What Israel did to Palestinians is what India is doing to Kashmiris. In about a decade you will see same type of colonial settlements like in Palestine. According to new Domicile Law any person residing in Jammu and Kashmir for 15years,or 7 years and passing 10+2 from any institution in Jammu and Kashmir becomes the subject of the state,one should reflect here the incompetency of the government who deny people citizenship who lived in India for 70+ years and are asked to provide documentation that they are Indian and here you become citizens of Jammu and Kashmir by residing only for 15 years how ironic is this! The law is deemed to facilitate the flow of non residents to the state and thus conversion of Muslim majority state to Hindu majority and this will happen one day. Why I am sure about it’s happening is the fact this law came at the time when world is battling the deadliest pandemic the COVID-19,when all nations are fighting the pandemic and people are locked down in their homes the current Indian authorities found it feasible moment to persue their facist dreams. The Hindutva ideology is desperate to convert India into a Hindu nation where Muslims will be considered second class citizens and sent to concentration camps, this is just like the virus and it will not stop soon, in the end it’s we people who need to stand up against this ideology and save our identity. May Almighty God bless you! Thank you.

Longest Internet Ban In The World

The recent actions by India on 5 Aug 2019 lead to this inhuman, undemocratic and human rights violating decision of banning the internet,it’s nearing end of ist month of new year 2020 and Kashmiris yet don’t have internet.In this era of technology Kashmiris are denied of a very important and basic human right.

This internet ban affected whole Kashmiris of all fields especially the education sector,how much cruel it can get a person has to travel to 100-200 km down south to Banihal for filling a simple application form!it’s beyond imagination how much Kashmiris have suffered from last 7 decades and are still suffering .

What is more inhuman is the fact that so called “civilised nations” and organisations are deaf and dumb calling themselves protectors of human rights are watching like mute spectators.Here questions arise why they don’t speak?what is the reason they are not doing anything?why no practical steps are taken?

Answer as per me would be BUSSINESS and MATERIALISTIC interests they get from India being a huge market for them.

Human rights should be kept as high as can be it is not the money we should care for but people and their rights.How is it justified to lock 8million people in their homes under the barrel of gun,suspend internet,impose press and media gags and other draconian laws to silence them,being an independent person talking of humanity and justice and whoever believes in it should condemn and do whatever possible to pressurise India to lift this inhumane ban,let Kashmiris speak let them decide their own future!

Let me remember you all and especially people who deny the basic right of self determination of Kashmiris ,when Scotland got their right why can’t Kashmiris ,is this because they are Muslims or they are of lesser God?

Lastly,I strongly believe that it’s time to step forward both for international community and United Nations to help sort this old dispute out ,Kashmiris have suffered beyond their capacities IT Is Time To Act Now!

May God Help Us All!

Thank You.

Revocation Of Articles 370 and 35A Of Indian Constitution

Recently on 5th of August 2019 the Indian government revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir granted under Article 370 of Indian constitution sparked an outrage in whole of Kashmir but the world is unaware of what is actually happening in Kashmir from last 2 weeks due to absolute communication blackout. People in Kashmir are literally placed in open air prison. India placed some 1 lakh more troops in Kashmir to reinforce the already stationed more than half million troops.

Well revoking of these articles was in the manifesto of ruling BJP party under Narendra Modi,it was a well planned and executed strategy of BJP to revoke these articles to secure more political advantage in main stream India,they created this dilemma since they came in power that these articles are discriminating against people of India and are responsible for terrorism and under development in Jammu and Kashmir but that’s not the fact,Jammu and Kashmir is more economically strong than many of Indian states.

The actual basis of this decision is to make Kashmir a Hindu state(Hindutva ideology) so that the local Muslims get subjugated and become minority, more precisely we can say to convert it into Palestine of Asia thats what it seems to be and probably is. This strategy and planning shows resemblance to what happened in Palestine.

In future we will see settlements in Kashmir and the local population is going to be undermined to the extent that talking about government actions will be dealt with stern action probably imprisoning everyone speaking against governments illegal actions.

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst!

Kashmir Under Indian Control

Since Kashmir acceded to India on the basis of instrument of accession however it had autonomous and special status within Indian constitution through article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution. Infact in pre 1953 era Kashmir had its own President,Prime Minister and a separate supreme court. Kashmir has its own flag also. But gradually president and prime minister position was changed to chief minister,supreme court changed to high court and now only kashmir’s flag is remaining. This was aimed to merge Kashmir fully into Indian Union because Kashmir didn’t merge with India it had only acceded unlike other princely states that merged within Indian Union.

Since 1947 there was a low popular Kashmiri voice demanding the right to self-determination,UN resolutions passed on Kashmir infact in July 1948 Philip Noel-Baker Commonwealth Relations minister put forward British proposal to US State Department stating Kashmir to be put under “neutral administration” headed by UN appointed chairman,meaning there was an active support to solve this problem.Kashmir remained in headlines and a huge interest was directed to resolve Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan,world was sensitive unlike these days towards Kashmir.

Before 1987 life in Kashmir was not as hard as is currently,there were negligible human rights voilations by Indian security forces,Kashmiris used to live in peace, there were cinemas people used to watch movies everything seemed to be in order,tourists flooding in,health resorts fully occupied etc etc. Nevertheless,today’s so called separatists (like Syed Ali Geelani) used to fight legislative assembly elections (now who campaigns for election bycott)under Indian constitution infact Geelani himself was MLA from Sopore constituency of Baramulla district.

Now you might question ‘then what led kashmir situation to worse to point of no return?

I believe there could be one or more reasons for this situation according to different people,but as long as I am concerned I see a landmark turning point in rigging of 1987 assembly elections in which M.U.F(Muslim United Front) contested elections that was a product of all religious organisations of Kashmir at that time. What happened in that election M.U.F candidates were winning by huge margins and majority of seats given their huge support base in whole state but the govt rigged elections and declared NC (National Conference) chief Farooq Abdullah as Chief Minster when counting of votes was still going on. This lead to mass protests and anger in general public and felt betrayed. Since getting no political space they found no option better but to resist and picked up guns,inturn govt of India responded with brute force to quell the uprising and moved thousands of more army personnel to valley. Then started the bloodbath of militants and thousands of unarmed and innocent civilians and the cycle continues.

May we see peace come to Kashmir and their rights fulfilled.

Thank you for taking time to check my work!

History Of Kashmir Conflict

Kashmir conflict dates back to 1947 with the partition of British India. Kashmir was a former princely state not under direct British rule.

Let’s look keenly what happened with Jammu and Kashmir(including Jammu,Kashmir valley,Azad Kashmir,Ladakh,Aksai Chin and Gilgit-Baltistan) from day one:

India and Pakistan got freedom from British in 1947,before partition these two domains were collectively called Hindustan which was directly ruled by British. However there were some princely states(nearly 500) which were not under their direct rule including the state of Jammu and Kashmir. As you know partition of India and Pakistan was based on two nation theory ie; Muslim majority Pakistan and Hindu majority India,since British freed these two nations however these princely states were given choice to either join Pakistan or India or remain independent. Since Jammu and Kashmir being a Muslim majority sate was ruled by a Hindu ruler Maharaja Hari Singh and his personal choice was to not join the either domain and remain independent but remember according to two nation theory JandK should go with Pakistan this led to invasion by tribal men from frontier province of Pakistan to forcefully capture JandK(led to first Indo-Pak war over accession of JandK) . After this invasion by tribesmen Maharaja feared his independence so he called India for help to fight them back,but Indian government offered him help only after signing the instrument of accession.

The Instrument of Accession; included four major aspects:

1: India will provide border security


3: Communication and ,

4:Foreign affairs

Also Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the then prime minister of India took Kashmir issue to UN ,UN passed resolution on Kashmir conflict signed by major world powers like UK,USA etc.


You can read this resolution and others by visiting official UNSC website: https://www.un.org

Also Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru announced by himself in Srinagar that Kashmiris will be given right to self determination the right to their destiny and political aspirations.


Since Indian goverenment offered help to Maharaja by sending troops on 27 Oct,1947 to Srinagar and resisted tribesman but never followed the UNSC resolutions to reduce troops to minimum number required to maintain law and order and hold Plebiscite,instead the presence of Indian army in Kashmir increased day by day and today the number of troops exceeds 0.7 million.Pakistan too didn’t paid enough attention toward UNSC resolutions which according to resolutions has to first withdraw her troops and tribesmen from Kashmir.

Since 1947 India and Pakistan further engaged in wars in 1965, and 99 over Kashmir .Kashmiri voice is being depressed,confused,manipluted in number of ways even asking for RSD is being labelled as terrorism. Kashmiris are not against India or people of India, Kashmiris neither want war between two nations that too in possession of nukes and nor is war the solution,the simple and straightforward point is that Kashmiris want only their Right to Self Determination promised by India ,UN and world. When Scotland can get their right to self-determination why can’t Kashmir ?

After the end of 1947 war resulted in the ceasefire and creation of LOC( line of control) and further the Shimla Agreement formally formed the LOC between two countries controlled territories.Now Jammu and Kashmir divided between India and Pakistan. But further in 1962 Sino-Indian war China captured part of JandK called Aksai Chin now under Chinese control. In short the pledge of plebiscite was literally confined only to papers and neither party whether India, Pakistan,China or UN or world bodies took solid and sincere steps to resolve the long pending cum dangerous conflict.

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